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 Welcome to Merlin! Thursday 11:53 
In The Begining

In January 1996, someone mentioned on the newsgroup legend.localchat, that it would be good if Legend offered free Webspace to it's members. The idea was not taken up immediately, but, after discussion, Legend agreed to the subscribers forming a User Group, for which Legend would provide a server, and conection to the Internet.

The idea fired the imagination of a few subscribers, and we invited people to a meeting on the 31st January, where we discussed setting up a User Group, The meeting was attended by 11 subscribers, and 2 representative from Legend and it was decided to go ahead with forming a User Group. The meeting produced a report, which was placed in the Members Lounge at the Legend Website.

Discussion continued on the legend.localchat newsgroup, and in a mailing list set up for those who attended, a draft constitution was written and circulated, and Legend internet started building the server for the groups use.

Much debate took place over the name of the group, many names were suggested, and finally, after a vote was taken, the name of MERLIN was decided on. A further meeting was called for the 14th March 1996 to which subscribers were invited, and, at this meeting, the constitution was adopted (after amendment), and the group inaugurated.

At the meeting, Harri Nyman, who actually built the new server, told us of the services which can be provided on it.

After the meeting, we all adjourned for a curry!

Where do we go from here?

Well - that is really up to the members and the Executive, which will be meeting regularly to plan the future. Join us now to be part of that future.

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