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Reading Merlin Mail

As a Merlin member you have a Merlin e-mail address. E-mail to both and will arrive in your Merlin mailbox.
By default - all your Merlin mail is forwarded to your Legend e-mail address. If you want to change this, you need to delete the .qmail file in your home directory.
    How to delete .qmail

    Telnet to Merlin (from a run box "telnet"), and once logged in, type:
    rm .qmail then press enter. This should delete the file and all email will NOT be forwarded to your legend account.

Here are three ways you can read your Merlin e-mail:
    Downloading Email

    You can download your Merlin e-mail via POP3 - the same way you get your Legend e-mail.
    All you have to do it locate the setting in your e-mail program for your e-mail server. It is proberbly or All you have to do it change it to and then change your POP3 userid and password to your Merlin userid and password.
    You can leave the outgoing (SMTP) mail server setting as it is, or you can change it to if you like. It doesn't really matter.

    Read in Telnet

    Telnet to Merlin and login with your Merlin userid and password
    Type pine at the Merlin prompt and press <enter>
    The Pine main menu screen will appear.

    For information on using pine please click Here.

    Forward to another Email

    Telnet to Merlin.
    Once you've logged into Merlin via telnet, you need to do the following, pressing enter after each one:
      cd ~
      (This takes you to your home directory on Merlin. You're proberbly already there.)
      pico .qmail
      (Pico is a text editor and .qmail is the name of the file you're creating.)
      (Basically, this needs to be the e-mail address you want your Merlin mail to forward to.)
      Control+X Y
      (Press Control and X, this should then ask you if you want to save the file so push Y to save the changes.)
      chmod 644 .qmail
      (This is to stop the file being written to by anyone but you. It is very important.)
    It would now be a good idea to test it by sending an e-mail to your Merlin e-mail address and seeing if it forwards to the place you set. Once you're happy it's working, log off your Merlin telnet session (type exit).

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