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 Welcome to Merlin! Tuesday 15:18 
Virtual hosts Information

When you joined Merlin, you were given a userid. To make administration easier for us, your Merlin userid is the same as your Legend userid.

As a result of this, your details on Merlin are as follows: (your Merlin website address) (virtual address to the above) (Merlin e-mail address) (virtual address to the above)

This is all well and good but you proberbly want to have something else where userid isn't part of it. We will gladly give you more virtual hosts but first you must read and understand the following:
    If you choose to have the virtual host jbloggs and there is no MERLIN user at the time who has it as either their userid or their virtual host - we will give jbloggs to you without question.
    However, if sometime in the future a Legend subscriber with the userid of jbloggs joins Merlin, they will automatically be allocated the userid of jbloggs and with that; the virtual host jbloggs, too.
    The best advice is to be original! Legend userids can only be a maximum of eight characters long. If you aim higher than that, your virtual host will be safe!

You can now apply for more virtual hosts using the Request Form bellow.

Please be sure to read the Merlin policy on virtual hosts and aliases before you send your request!

Please fill in all sections
Your Name:

Merlin Username:

Vhost Name:

Vhost Path:

Vhost Email:

Other Comments:

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