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 Welcome to Merlin! Tuesday 15:19 
What is Merlin?

Merlin is a non-commercial independent user group for subscribers to Legend Internet Limited. Legend provided us with the first Merlin server and still provide us with a high speed permanent Internet connection on their network. Legend Internet do not own or run Merlin. Merlin is owned and run by it's members.

  • Please see our constitution
  • Read our acceptable use policy
  • Find out how we started
  • See who is on the executive committee

    Who can join?

    You can! That is if you are a subscriber to The Legend Internet. Every Legend subscriber is entitled to join Merlin. Each Merlin member has one vote at Merlin general meetings.

    What are the benefits of membership?

    There are many, many benefits to Merlin membership. You will have shell access to a Linux Internet server which is connected to the Internet 24 hours a day. It doesn't matter if you don't know what shell access or Linux is because there are a team of sysops (System Operators) who voluntarily give e-mail support to all Merlin members. They usually reply within a few hours, sometimes minutes!

    You will be allowed unlimited disk space (within reason, of course!) on the Merlin server. This is especially useful for these (and other) reasons:

  • Making a website Everyone wants to make their mark on the Internet; so with your Merlin account you can create your own website. Your website will be accessable in the form of and you can put whatever you like on it (providing it is not commercial or illegal).
  • FTP Downloads Are you fed up of staring at your computer screen while you transfer files at 0.1k/Sec from external sites with slow Internet links? With your Merlin account you will be able to tell Merlin to fetch the file for you while you disconnect from the Internet, saving on phone calls. Then, you can come back online to check on it's progress. When it has arrived on Merlin, you can download it to your computer at the fastest possible speed of your modem because Merlin is (virtually and physically!) right next to Legend's access server and modems which you connect to!

  • We are always open to suggestions for new services to offer. At the moment, and in addition to the above, we offer:

  • Shell Access Merlin runs Mandrake 8.0 and all members have telnet access to the Merlin shell. You would use this to FTP files from remote sites. Shell access is a very powerful tool and support is available in the Merlin Knowledgebase.
  • List Server We run a list server on Merlin which gives members the ability to set up and administer multiple mailing lists.
  • Unlimited E-Mail addresses When you join Merlin, you will be given a POP3 E-mail box. The address will be However, you will also have unlimited e-mail addresses in the form of !
  • Access to CGI scripts For security reasons, we can't let you run CGI scripts for your web pages from your home directory on Merlin but there are a number of CGI's available (such as a visitor counter and form-mail script) available for you to use. We will also make user-created scripts available to be executed on Merlin after we have checked them through.
  • CircleMUD/Games We have a large variety of online games on Merlin including CircleMUD. Further details can be found in the Merlin Knowledgebase in the support area.
  • Telnet Chat We run a telnet chat server on Merlin. The sysops can often be found in there, available for questions.
  • Technical Support The Merlin sysops (SYStem OPerators - volunteers who run Merlin) provide electronic support (e-mail and live chat) seven days a week. Most questions are answered within 24 hours, sometimes within minutes.
  • What's the catch?

    Really, there isn't one. Just as long as you don't use your Merlin web pages, or any other part of the merlin server, for anything commercial, illegal or abuse it in any other way - you will be able to enjoy the many services available to you on merlin as long as you keep your Legend Internet account!

    Nobody's going to attempt to force you to join but you will be missing out on an excellent service if you don't! Just click here for the join form.

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